Monday, March 23, 2015

Errandonnee 2015: Nine & Out

This past Monday, after waiting out the rain, I completed my ninth and final errand of the 2015 Errandonnee season. This last one was and easy one. A ride to the town hall to pay the water bill, the one errand I try to do by bike every month.
Nine out of twelve isn't too bad. Should be worth an honorable mention anyway.
I really wanted to do all twelve, but between the rain that day and my feeling of being a bit burnt out from the miles I put in that week, I just wasn't feeling it. Well, there's always next year.

Least Interesting Picture Ever

Errandonnee 9

Category: Personal Business
Distance: 10.4 miles
Observation: Why is it I spend almost $400 to equip my bike with lights, yet practically every car driver I see can't be bothered to turn on the lights that their cars came with?
Hey! After four years of blogging, I think that was my first ever rant. Here's to four more years of positivity.

Errandonnee Totals:

9 errands from 6 different categories.
63.1 miles. 

Thanks for putting this on MG! I look forward to doing this again.

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