Saturday, September 27, 2014

Boulder Lake S24O

This past Tuesday I loaded up the Trucker for my first bike camping trip in almost 2 years.
My plan was to go to the Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center and stay at one of their free lakeside campsites.

Road Trip!
As this was just an overnight trip, I only used 2 panniers and a frame bag.


The fall colors are coming along nicely.

The 17 mile trip was entirely paved until I came to the cross country ski trail that leads to the campsites. Trish and I scouted the trail last year, so I knew which of the ten campsites I wanted.

Boulder Lake Campsite
Lo and Behold, the site was available. As a matter of fact, I believe the other nine were open too. The only company I had was an owl, a few woodpeckers, and a couple of geese.........and cars on the road, and gunshots in the near distance. Next time I'll probably go further up the trail. Wearing blaze orange probably wouldn't be a bad idea either.


Boulder Lake
Ultimately, I found the view to be well worth having to listen to a little road noise.

Creature Comforts
After tending to a little campfire, I hit the hay for a very restful 9 hours of sleep.

Overall I had a really good time. The sites there are all really well appointed, especially considering that there is no fee. They will even deliver firewood for $5 a bundle if you reserve a site (which is a $30 fee).
The only part of the experience I didn't like was the loneliness of a solo campfire. I have no issue at all being by myself, it just seems that a campfire is better when it's shared.
I'll try to not let another 2 years go by before I bike camp again. I'll have to start early next year so I can get into the groove.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Welcome Bikers

Why thank you!

What? You weren't referring to me. 
My mistake. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tin Lizzie

And I thought I lived life in the slow lane. 
Wait, they passed me. I guess I do. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Go Vegan

I Am and I Will
After devouring a couple of tofu scramble burritos for breakfast, I went for my Sunday morning ride where I came across this little bit of pavement graffiti. I wasn't quite sure if it was telling me to be vegan or if it was cheering me on because I am vegan. I appreciate it either way.

Not Hot
Because man cannot live on burritos alone, I stopped for some iced coffee. I had a black and white mocha with almond milk. It was delicious.

Osprey on a Crane
The osprey cheered me on too.

Pavement Ends

No Hands!!!
I achieved a new milestone. I rode no handed for what must have been a whole five seconds. Since I don't have the greatest balance I won't be making a habit of it.

Danger Panda #1
Look! I did it again.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

4 Months Later

I can't believe its been four months since I last updated this blog. It's not that I haven't been riding, I just haven't taken many pictures. It feels as if I keep seeing the same things over and over, and I just couldn't seem to get inspired enough to pull the camera out of the bag.......until today.
So here goes nothin'. Time to get back in the swing of things.

To start things off here's the ever popular over the handlebars shot-Pavement Edition.

This group wants nothing to do with me and I don't blame them. I must have approached from upwind. I didn't take a shower until after my ride.

Paddle and Peddle
I'm not a real big fan of paddle boats. Because my legs are so long, I always end up sitting on the back of the seat in order to be able to pedal without getting a knee in the chin. At least with a bike I can raise the saddle into the stratosphere if I need to.

Another over the handlebar shot. This time it's the Gravel Edition.

Black and White and Hazy
I took this B/W shot down low for the sake of a little variety.

Doe? a Deer
My second deer sighting of the day. The first was nothing but a blur.

On the way back home I came across the course for the triathlon being held today. Apparently, triathletes aren't the brightest bulbs in the box.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Errandonnee 2014: Complete

As Monday is my normal day off during the week, it tends to be the day I run most of my errands. I was able to knock five of them off of my to do list while at the same time, complete this years' Errandonnee challenge.

Coffee and a Haircut
With spring coming it seemed like a good time to get a haircut. Indoor parking is always a bonus.

Category: Personal Care and Health
Distance: 7.5 miles
Observation: The best errands always include free coffee.

Another Errand Complete
I stopped at the credit union to pick up some check registers. It's good to stay in balance.

Category: Wild Card
Distance: 2.1 miles
Observation: As long as you're in the neighborhood you might as well stop.

I came here thinking that I didn't need anything, but I left with a couple of saddle locks, which are wire cords that you loop through the saddle rails. As long as the would-be thief isn't carrying a sharp pair of scissors, I think our Brooks should be safe.

Category: Bike Shop
Distance: 0.7 miles
Observation: You never know when you are going to find something you didn't know you needed.

Cocoa and Coffee
We needed coffee beans and I needed something hot to drink. The beans ended up being ok, but the mexican hot chocolate ended up being the best I've ever had.

Category: Coffee of Dessert
Distance: 1.5 miles
Observation: I will stay somewhere much longer if I can keep my bike in sight.

Wine Rack
The final stop of the day was to pick up some "grape juice" to go with dinner.

Category: Any Store That is Not a Grocery Store
Distance: 9.6 miles
Observation: The best wine chiller is a pannier in winter.

So, the final numbers for the 2014 Errandonnee Challenge are:

12 errands from 7 categories
Total Distance: 45.9 miles
Observation: I think I've done as many errands by bike in the last 2 weeks as I have in the past 2 years.

I'm hoping that next year, instead of doing errands by bike specifically to meet the challenge, the errands will be things I'm doing already. Completing the challenge will just be a bonus.

Big thanks to MJ for helping to kick-start my use of a bike for a purpose.