Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another Three Errandonnee(s)

Since temps were in the fifties and the roads were clear on Saturday, I decided to take the Trucker out for it's first voyage of the year.
My first stop was to Hartley Nature Center to see if there was anything new going on since my last visit.
I passed by the official greeter on the road to the parking lot.

As is normally the case, I had the rack to myself. I don't believe many people ride their bikes to get here. Most drive here with their mountain or fat tire bikes to ride the trails, which is something I really should start doing once in a while. I'll skip the driving part though, as it's only a couple miles from my house.

Once inside, I wandered around and checked out the exhibits showing wildlife that is local to the area. I was going to say local to the park, but I doubt there are any Northern Pike in the nearby pond.

This guy's name is Billy. I didn't here him sing.

Being this close, I'm glad this Snapping Turtle is behind glass, although I would be more glad if it was outside, free in the water.

After leaving the kept animals at Hartley, I decided I needed to be around some that were a bit more wild. A short while later, I found myself at a nearby cemetery that has a duck pond, and believe it or not, ducks!
Not wanting to spook them all into the water, I gave them their space and made my way towards my next mission: Seeing if the scenic route I sometimes take on my commute home from work is open for the season yet.

After going around a road closed barricade, I found that it was not ready for riding yet.

Oops, spoke too soon. Well, if guys on road bikes can make it through I guess I can probably make it too. Plus, I won't be riding this road home until Wednesday at the earliest. The snow will probably be gone by the time I come through.

Saturday's breakdown:

Errandonnee 6

Category: Wild Card
Distance: 2.6 miles
Observation: I need to take better advantage of the amenities that are just outside my doorstep.

Errandonnee 7

Category: Personal Care
Distance: 1.1 miles
Observation: A ducks place is in the water, mine is on my bike.

Errandonnee 8

Category: Non-Store Errand
Distance: 11.8
Observation: Looks can be deceiving, or maybe I'm just a wuss.

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