Monday, January 20, 2014

Breaking the Silence

Since it's been such a cold, snowy, and lazy winter, I haven't been doing much riding lately. I decided that Sunday I would rectify that by going on my longest ride since late October.

Down the Brown Lane
The first part of the ride took place on roads that looked like they had been covered in a layer of brown sugar. I tried my best to stay in the tire tracks but wasn't always successful.

Brown Sugar
Which led to a nice coating of snow on both the bike and my boots. Also, it tasted really salty. Not sweet at all. I guess looks can be deceiving.

Lined Up
Eventually, I made my way to some gravel roads which had a nice base of mostly hard packed snow and ice. It was much easier to ride on than the brown sugar was.

Open Water
One thing I did accomplish during our recent period of subzero temps was the completion of a waxed canvas frame bag for the Ogre. It did a nice job of swallowing up all of the gear that I take with me on winter rides. A future post is in the works on the construction of the bag. Maybe.

Red and White
With so much white, it was nice to see a bit of color.

After arriving home safely from my 20 mile ride, I threw the frisbee to Loki for a little bit until we were interrupted by this barred owl. In the house went the dog, out came the camera. If only I was as photogenic as this guy (or girl).