Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Errandonnee 3, Commute # 1

Today was my first commute by bike of 2015. Over the past couple of months I've put a lot into building up my Ogre, so I plan on riding to work a lot more than I have in years past.

The Corner Office
One of the doctors at work is gone for the week, so I was able to use his office as a parking spot.
It's hard to beat a corner office overlooking Lake Superior.

Twisty Tree
I had to take a picture of Trish's favorite tree while I rode home up east 4th street. In the next couple of years, they will be rebuilding this street. New water and sewer lines will be put in, along with bike lanes. Unfortunately, all of the big old trees will have to come down. I'm not so sure it will be worth it. I hope they find a way to keep them.

The Home Stretch
The home stretch.
The ride downhill to work is fast and easy, but I think I like the ride home better. It's easier to appreciate things while moving at a slower pace.

Errandonnee 3

Category: Work or Volunteering

Distance: 12.7 miles

Observation: It's not a race. Enjoy your slowness.

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