Sunday, January 3, 2016

I'm on a Roll Now

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
Things are just chugging right along here in the new year. Two straight days of riding, and even more amazing: blog posts on two consecutive days! What has gotten into me? If I had to make a guess, I would have to go with caffeine. That usually seems to do the trick.

Saturday's ride took me to an appointment to get my ears lowered. It's been so warm lately that I don't need quite as much insulation up top. I really like this salon. You can have coffee or a glass of wine while you wait, but more importantly, I can park my bike in the entrance. Hopefully the puddle the bike left on the floor evaporates before the owner sees it. I may be parking outside next time.

The temperature was pushing 30 and so was the wind. I like the warmth, but I don't like the way it softens up the snow on the side roads. It takes all of my limited talent to stay upright. On the plus side, I can always use the practice.


  1. I am sure your bike was glad to get a bit of a break from the elements while you were getting your excess hair removed. Maybe it will promise not to create a puddle next time :)

    I am so excited that you have been blogging the past few days, reading about your winter adventures makes me very happy indeed!

    1. My bike was indeed happy to be inside. It's last time indoors was whe I mounted the studded tires and even then, only the wheels were allowed in.
      I'm excited that you're excited! I'll do my best to keep the adventures coming.