Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Out for a Spin

I had a little bit of energy left after getting home from work, so I thought I would ride out to Eagle Lake and see if the ice was out yet.

A little while back trees were cleared from this land. Maybe for a house, or houses. I'm not sure. Anyway, I had to stop here for a minute and enjoy the aroma. Roses have got nothing on fresh cut trees.

Riding off pavement twice in one week! How did I get so lucky?

Eagle Lake Frozen
Nope........still frozen. Honestly, I knew it would be.

The road out was quite a bit wetter than the one going in.

I took Tischer Rd from Jean Duluth. As I'm not a big fan of hills, I normally take a different route. I hate having to go downhill after all the hard work I put in going up......it can be fun though.

At the base of the first hill I crossed a picturesque little creek swollen from the spring melt.

Upon closer inspection, what did I see............Geese!

I ended up getting in 18 miles. I actually had more energy after the ride than I had before. I'll definitely be riding again tomorrow.

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