Monday, April 18, 2011

Creativity.....or lack thereof

Blogging is ending up to be a lot tougher than I thought it would be. I have no idea what to write about half the time, and when I actually do think of something it seems that the I don't get any good pictures that day. And what fun is just text without something interesting to look at? I'm sure it will get easier as time goes on.

So with that off my chest, here are some pictures I took during my ride this afternoon.

I came across these guys early on during my ride. With the spring melt, they seem to have endless choices of where to hang out.

Meandering along.

As I was approaching this spot I noticed a hooded merganser just a few feet from shore. He of course took off before I was able to get my camera out of my pocket. The cool birds always seem to be camera shy.

I guess ultimately when you run short of ideas you just have to blatantly steal from those with much more experience at this blogging thing.


  1. When I run out of material, I just make stuff up.
    Okay, not really.

  2. When I have nothing to write about I do a picture post. We have an abundance of beauty in this part of the country. It's hard to go wrong. I find people come to my blog more for the pictures than for what I have to say.

    (I really like that last picture)