Monday, October 21, 2013

Searching For Snow

Let's see......I have the day's 30 degrees and windy.......what should I do?
I've got it! How about a bike ride!

The forecast was calling for scattered flurries, so I thought I would go out and look for some of that elusive October snow.

Hey! There's a little bit falling.

Catching Flakes
Tastes pretty good.
Good thing it doesn't snow in the summer. I'd probably end up with a gullet full of bugs. If I had a gullet, that is.

Just a Little Flakey
A bit more falling here, but not enough to stick.

Better sneak in a bike picture before it starts up again.

I'm going to avoid boots for as long as I can this year. I'll just keep piling on the wool socks.

Tea Transport
I brought some hot tea along to help warm me up. I didn't really need it. I tend to build up an excess of heat all on my own.

In Hiding
I think the Ogre has had enough picture taking for one day.

I find it very hard to get a good picture of both a bike and a tall tree.

It's probably best to just keep the bike out of it.

I stopped at my favorite rest stop on the way back. The wind was picking up some extra chill coming across the lake so I didn't stay long.

I ended up with 23 miles and most of the feeling remaining in my toes. I think I'm acclimating pretty well.


  1. The riding look like fun!! It's funny throughout the years I have been riding, I have never brought something warm along to drink. I guess I have when touring and also cooked lunch a few times. But never come from home with a cup of tea or joe. I may have to give that a try.

  2. Might try shooting a low shot close to the bike and looking up to the tree. This balances the size of the bike and the tree.