Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coffeeneuring Challenge: Ride 1

Trish and I have been looking for a way to stimulate our riding experience lately, and came across the perfect way to do so by joining the 2013 Coffeeneuring Challenge. It is put on by MG of Chasing Mailboxes as a way to combine cycling and drinking coffee. Complete rules can be found here.

Our first ride was an 8 mile round trip on Sunday to Bixby's Cafe, which happens to be the coffee shop nearest to our house.

Through the Autumn Pines
We made our way through the "forest."
It's All Downhill
and down the hill.
Bike Parking
We weren't quite happy with the provided parking area

Rebel Parking
so we made our own.

Coffeeneuring Ride 1
We each had a mocha. Trish had a small with almond milk, mine was a medium with soy.

Drink it Up
Trish, showing much more prudence than I, saved some of her coffee for the ride home.

Curves Ahead
What goes down must go up. Good thing we got the caffeine boost.

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  1. Great action shot of Trish! Nice writeup, and welcome to the Coffeeneuring Challenge!