Saturday, April 13, 2013

30 Days of Biking: SnOgre*

2013-04-13 at 14-34-58
After taking two days off to do just a little bit of shoveling, I got out today for a couple hours of saddle time on the Ogre.

2013-04-13 at 14-48-07
We got about a foot of snow on Thursday and Friday. Despite the plow drivers' best efforts, some of it wanted to stick around.
I freely admit that I rode on the fog line for most of this stretch. Not only was it the path of least resistance, it was also my best chance at staying upright.

2013-04-13 at 15-10-03
Some roads were fully covered with snow.

2013-04-13 at 15-30-54
While others were clear as could be.

2013-04-13 at 15-38-14
I stopped at the Fredenberg picnic shelter for a snack break.
I've probably stopped her twenty times on twenty rides and have yet to see another person.

2013-04-13 at 15-47-36
I was actually much happier than I look here. I must not like my picture taken.

2013-04-13 at 15-53-01
Will the ice ever go out?

2013-04-13 at 16-16-16
It should be smooth sailing in another couple of weeks. Winter has to end sometime.

2013-04-13 at 15-11-37
One final bike shot just to keep the ratio above fifty percent.

*I don't believe I will refer to it as the SnOgre again. It's a bit too corny even for me.

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  1. We up on the hill (Duluth) yesterday, and I can say this for sure, you folks got a lot more snow than we did in the last dumping. We got about 4" here, but the wind as of late has been strong to say the least. Great post!!