Monday, July 30, 2012


Today I took advantage of both having the day off, and also the sub 70 degree morning to get in a three hour ride on the Trucker. Since the summer has been so hot, this was my longest ride in 6 weeks and it went very well except for a couple of minor dilemmas.

Cosed, Not Impassable
This was dilemma #1.
Actually, this one took place about 1/2 mile back when I came across a sign that read "Road Closed to Through Traffic." Do I take my chances and ride past the sign or do I find a way around? Of course I went past it. These signs almost never apply to bikes. Fortunately, today this proved to be true.

Dilemma #2 occurred after I got home and downloaded the pictures I took of the washout. Which one do I use?

Just the Hole
I would say that this is the best one to go with, but this blog is primarily about biking, so I had better get at least part of a bike into the shot.

Washout 2
Over the Saddle
This is good, except I tend to take this type of shot a lot. I should change things up a bit.

Washout 3
Through the Bars
This is a new one for me. Too bad the brake cable in the foreground gets in the way.

As you can see, I ultimately took the easy way out and used all three. Often, when I shoot a lot of pictures on a ride, I take the really easy way out and end up using zero pictures, and that's just boring. My aim is to entertain (at least a little).


  1. Did you jump that gap? Ala Trials style.


    1. Not this time. I only jump when I can spin the handlebars. Once again those darn cables get in the way.

  2. I would use the first photo. The Brooks saddle doesn't add anything to the photo.

    safe riding,