Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Trek on the Trucker

Because we've had such a shortfall of snow this year, I've gotten a little tired of pushing fat tires around on pavement. Luckily, a practically new set of studded tires was in the garage just begging to be put on my trucker.
Ordinarily, I don't like to ride the trucker during the winter months. I don't want to have to replace parts that have worn out early do to corrosion from the chemicals that are put on the roads, so rides like this won't happen unless conditions are right.

2012-01-07 at 11-20-24
Today the roads we're free of slush and were covered in a light dusting of snow from last night.

Frozen Over
They brought me to my favorite place to stop and enjoy the view.


  1. How'd you like the Winter Marathon's? I absolutely love mine. They roll really nice for a studded tire.

  2. I love them when they're in their element. I put about 300 miles on them last year on my old hybrid. They were great on ice, but whenever I rode in any snow over an inch or two deep I would be all over the place. Maybe I just need to work on my skills.

  3. I don't think it's your skills at all. Some snow at certain temperatures, mainly around the freezing mark, is very slippery and greasy. Hard to ride no matter what tires you have.

    Do you adjust the pressure at all? The Marathons are rated for 30-70 psi, but I've ridden them as low as 20 psi to get them to work.

  4. Last winter I didn't pay much attention to the pressure. This year I'm only going to ride on the trucker when the roads are relatively clear, so I'm going to keep the pressure up. By next winter I want to get a dedicated bike for winter road riding (hopefully a Surly Ogre), so I'll wait to play around with pressure until then.

  5. Your roads look to be in similar condition as ours. It's great to have the studded tires!!