Thursday, September 8, 2011


Smooth The only thing better than a woodsy road is a smooth woodsy road, and the county just finished another one.
This is Emerson Road, which runs for two miles between Howard Gnesen Road (another smooth one) and Rice Lake Road (it will be smooth sometime in October).
Next year Martin Road is scheduled to be repaved, which will give us dozens and dozens of miles of riding with with nary a bump.

Coincidentally, when I stopped to take this picture I had just hit 4,000 miles on my Trucker (give or take a mile). All 4,000 miles have been relatively trouble free. I'm still running on the original Schwalbe Marathon Supremes without a flat, and the only parts I've had to replace were the chain, cassette, and middle chainring. I also replaced the front brakes, but that was just to quiet them down.
Hopefully I didn't jinx myself just now, and the next 4,000 miles will go by just as smoothly.

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  1. Looks like lots of my favorites are getting a face lift. My turn next!