Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fat Tire Fun

Yesterday, Trish and I took a trip down to The Angry Catfish in Minneapolis where I became the newest member of the fat tire club.

The latest addition to the family is a size XL Salsa Mukluk 3.

Today seemed like a good day to break it in, so we took the bikes out to a couple of nearby forest roads.

The roads were actually pretty grassy and rutted, but it was nothing the big tires couldn't easily handle.

American Toad
One of the local spectators who was watching us ride.

Fall Colors
A pretty place to take a rest.

North Shore State Trail
We eventually made it to the North Shore State Trail.

His and Hers
We ended our day with nine miles and two very muddy Mukluks. Bring on Winter!


  1. Fat tire mania is rampant in these parts. I have to find a way to join in! That Angry Catfish is one cool bike shop, a great group of guys and great products. I just need a fatter wallet.....

  2. I've been wondering if you were going to get a fat bike after Trish got hers last winter. It's going to be a fun winter!

    I stopped by the Angry Catfish when I was in Minneapolis back in Apri. The same day I stopped by One On One and Calhoun Cycle. All very cool and intersting bike shops. Hiawatha Cyclery is still my favorite. But all four of these appeal to me more than any of the shops in Duluth.

  3. I think the Angry Catfish ranks #2 behind Hiawatha for me right now. Trish seems to like the Catfish better. We were hoping to get to Milltown Cycles too, but we had already done enough driving for the day. As for Duluth, Ski Hut has been scoring points with us lately. That's where Trish got her Mukluk.