Sunday, March 20, 2011

Over the River....

Went for a 40 mile ride on Saturday. It was my longest of the year so far.

 I got to ride for a little bit through the woods.
Caribou Lake Rd

N.E.R.C.C. is in the background here. It's a corrections center in Saginaw. Whenever I ride by here, I imagine escaped prisoners wading through the creek trying to lose the trailing bloodhounds. Although I doubt anything that dramatic happens.

My first crossing of the Cloquet River, heading north on Munger Shaw Rd.
Cloquet River

Come next winter, Trish may be crossing the snowmobile bridge in the center of the picture on her new Mukluk.
Cloquet River II

My second crossing, heading south on Taft Rd.
Cloquet River III

The geese seem to be having a good time.
Cloquet River IV

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  1. You have some very scenic pictures loaded up. It looks like you were on some quiet roads, and that is something that always makes my day on the bike. Nice post.