Monday, May 16, 2011

Metric Century

On Sunday, as part of my "training" as I work towards my goals of a multi day camping trip and hopefully participating in this years Heck of the North, I went on my longest ride of the year so far. I left my house at 7a.m. and headed downhill toward Lake Superior. The temp was in the low 40's with a 20 mph wind off the lake.

This was my first view of the lake. I never tire of seeing it, or so I thought.

Seven Bridges Road
Going down Seven Bridges road was one of the highlights of my ride. It's freshly paved, has many nice river crossings, and no pedaling is required.

Decisions, Decisions............I think I'll take a right.

2011-05-15 Lake Superior
I didn't stop to take many pictures of the lake. The wind was so strong, It was hard to get going again. I was only able to average 11 mph on relatively flat ground.

I was curious as to why traffic was so light. This must be why. I passed a road closed sign a couple miles back, but I figured I had a pretty good chance of getting through.

I stopped at the Mocha Moose for a cinnamon roll and a monkey mocha. I highly recommend both. This is what made battling the headwinds worthwhile.

A couple miles after refueling, I was finally able to use the wind to my advantage. It helped me quite a bit in getting back up the hill away from the lake.
I love seeing the lake, but this scenery is nice too.

A Horses Life
It's been a good year for seeing horses. Or at least I'm just stopping to take more pictures than I have in the past.

Immature Eagle
This immature bald eagle seems to be enjoying the windy day.

2011-05-15 at 11-32-31
I'm getting close to home. This is another of my favorite regular stops.

The final tally. Since I was doing a metric century, I switched my GPSr over to metric units. I was hoping to be back home in under 6 hours, but the wind had other ideas.


  1. Looks like a great ride, despite the headwind. Do you have it mapped out?

  2. Nice pics of Lake Superior.
    I must eyeball the Great Lakes one day.

  3. adventure! - My route is here:
    I'd post the actual .gpx data, but I have an aversion to putting exactly where I live on the internet for all to see. The map starts where the Heck of the North starts.